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Summer 2008 Edition

Masonic Angel Fund

The Masons of Universal Lodge are pleased to offer the Masonic Angel Fundtm. One of the premiere Masonic Charities in the Lower Cape area, the Masonic Angel Fundtm was established here in 1998.
The “MAF” provides modest assistance to children in need who do not fit the criteria for typical social-service programs. Such assistance might be to provide a pair of glasses, a coat, shoes, field trip fees or tuition to an enrichment program. Requests for assistance are fulfilled via confidential requests from local school administrators and school nurses.
For example, if the nurse discovers a child who needs a winter coat she simply makes a request to the Trustees of the MAF who will issue a check to the principal or nurse in an appropriate amount.
The need for the services provided by the Masonic Angel Fundtm is far more profound than we anticipated at the outset. Thus, the Lodge operates an ongoing campaign to fund this vital community service project.
Since 1998, the Masonic Angel Fund has evolved into a national Masonic charity program. In 2000 the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. was established. Its mission is to propagate the Masonic Angel Fundtm program throughout the nation, working with one Masonic Lodge at a time to establish an MAF in their local community.
To make a donation to the Masonic Angel Fund, please send your contribution to Universal Masonic Angel Fund, Box 1474, Orleans, MA 02653. Checks should be made payable to Universal Masonic Angel Fund. UMAF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Masonic Angel Fundtm is a registered trademark of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.


Masonic Video Child ID Program

The CHIP video child identification program is now in its fourth year of operation here at Universal Lodge. In 1997, we began a capital campaign to purchase two sets of camcorders, VCR’s, monitors and other equipment needed to conduct video child identifications in the local schools. In only sixty days, the Masons of the Lower Cape in cooperation with the York Rite Masons of Cape Cod raised over $2,000 to get the program rolling.
Beginning in the winter of 1998, taping crews from Universal Lodge worked in each elementary school in Orleans, Brewster, Eastham and Wellfleet. During its first two school years, nearly 1,300 children have been “identified” by members of our local Fraternal family. In the spring of 1999 this program was extended to the Truro public schools through the good works of King Hiram’s Masonic Lodge in Provincetown. Local police departments, banks, chambers of commerce, businesses and individuals all helped to make this program possible.
The CHIP program is a very simple concept. The youngster is videotaped while he or she is interviewed by one of our volunteers. The purpose of the taping is to acquire the child’s mannerisms along with the information that they provide to the interviewer. After the tape is checked for viewability, it is sent home with the child along with a fingerprint kit that may be used by the parents.
We are proud that our local CHIP program is now a cornerstone of the state-wide Masonic child identification campaign.
Each year, Universal Lodge offers several scholarships to students at Nauset Regional High School. Through specific fund raising programs and the generosity of our Masonic Brothers, Universal’s scholarship awards have increased three-fold over the past six years.
Community Children’s Christmas Parties 
Each year since 1995, Universal Lodge has sponsored a children’s Christmas party for youngsters in the local elementary schools. These successful parties have included entertainment by local performers and – of course – a very special visit from Santa Claus.

Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.
Founded by members of Universal Lodge, the mission of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. is to facilitate the adoption of Masonic Angel Fundstm by other Masonic Lodges around the nation. In addition to propagating local MAF’s, the Foundation offers grant funding opportunities to schools served by a Masonic Angel Fundtm and the Lodges that adopt an MAF.
If you are a visitor to our area and have not heard about the Masonic Angel Fundtm, please pass this brochure along to a Mason in your home community. If you know a Masonic Lodge that would like more information about the Masonic Angel Fundtm, please have them call the Foundation office at 508-255-8812.
To learn more about how you can become a part of Universal Lodge’s Community outreach programs, please call our voice mail at 508-255-4880 or email treasurer@universallodge.org. One of our members will be happy to call you.

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